Always Moving Forward

With more than ten years serving financial institutions in Europe we have gained an extensive range of experience resolving complex, cross-border situations in the capacity of advisor or co-investor.

Crisis Management REO Take-Out

Parachuted into a highly dynamic, large volume, multi-use development project in-progress. Material issues had caused a disruption between cross-border institutional investor and local operating partner. Prepared in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis of the situation, took possession of all documents and made preparations for replacing the operating partner. Facilitated resolution between the parties for project completion and investor exit under enhanced governance measures.

Distressed Fund Wind-Up No. 1

Appointed NED to a distressed, country specific developing market fund registered in Netherlands. Brought focus onto key issues impacting a complex situation and realigned shareholders following a prolonged period of inertia and misinformed decision-making. Significant governance impairment as consequence of defunct GP. Consensus for new business plan did not come easily but provided a viable and coherent path forward. Provided framework for exit of institutional investors and realignment of residual shareholders.

Cross-Border Loan Default Intermediation

Served intermediary role between a major European bank and global investment manager in relation to a loan in-default concerning large volume commercial mortgage. Performed in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis in consultation with bank’s legal counsel and the investor to provide a clear framework for negotiations and decision-making. Mandated to represent the bank vis-à-vis investor. Provided a framework for analyzing investor proposals and an orderly voluntary sale of the SPV by the investor for the benefit of the bank.

Insolvent SPV Acquisition, Restructuring, Workout, Capital Recovery

Acquisition of an insolvent SPV with an underlying distressed commercial property. Arranged LOC based on 36-month workout plan. Loan draw-downs well under budget during workout period. Undertook a broad scope of capital expenditure to reposition the property and propel occupancy from 30% to 100% within 36-months at above market net effective rents during a down-cycle. Repaid LOC draws within workout period and commenced servicing and amortizing the original loan facility. Sold SPV to an institutional takeout investor that brought in a new financing bank.

Distressed Fund Wind-Up No.2

Appointed managing director to distressed investment portfolio of a Lux registered private, closed-end vehicle. Extensive scope of crisis management undertaken in parallel with portfolio divestiture according to an approved business plan based on in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis. Completed orderly sale of all assets and SPVs including sub-fund, Lux level SPVs in an accelerated time frame.  

Value-Add Co-Investment and Asset Management

Co-investor and operating partner/asset manager for an institutional value-add commercial property investment. Delivered the set of value-add objectives under budget within a three-year time period according to a pre-approved asset management plan. Orderly implementation of the business plan and exit procedure within three years. Target equity multiple achieved. Text-book value-add investment.  

Private Placement of a Separate Account for an Existing Portfolio

Promoted a special account by private placement in relation to a portfolio of fully cash-flowing assets. Formulated investment account proposal, drafted marketing material and performed marketing process through private placement agents and direct network.

Club Loan Default Resolution

Prepared in-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis for resolution of a defaulted cross-border club loan. One of the lenders was also a shareholder in the fund owning the asset. The lenders could not agree how to approach the default situation as a consequence of this inherent misalignment of interests. In-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis provided a framework for a standstill agreement while the situation concerning the fund was resolved.

Real Estate Portfolio Initial Public Offering, Internal Management Team

Led management of an IPO readiness process for a commercial property portfolio with internal management team. Second-tier global investment banks engaged as co-global coordinators.

Investor and REO Support

Parachuted mid-stream into a large volume commercial property redevelopment to support governance, reporting, risk management and decision-making systems for the benefit of the institutional investor and operating partner. Prepared new financial modeling and regular reporting systems, brought clarity to a range of issues for the benefit of the parties.