Always Moving Forward

Our team observes a coherent set of governance and operating standards. We move swiftly to promote ambitious pre-approved business plans.

Commercial Review

In-depth quantitative and qualitative analysis, in consultation with legal counsel, brings laser-focus clarity to the cost-benefit priorities of any complex cross-border situation.

Key Issues and Corresponding Business Planning

Key sources of under-performance or distress are identified for a given situation and viable consensus based strategic workout plans and detailed budgets are prepared for approval.

Enhanced Governance Principles and Operating Procedures

A robust set of governance principles and operating standards are observed as part of our daily working-habits to reinforce alignment of interests, transparency, decision-making and risk management procedures.

We Parachute Into Complex Cross-Border Situations

Our seasoned team of professionals can parachute into any complex situation and rapidly promote consensus for a coherent set of value-add plans.

Investment and Corporate Finance

We invest our own capital in projects when occasion arises. We also raise external capital for restructuring or workout undertakings.

Time and Cost Savings

Time and cost are of the essence and we move swiftly to mitigate legal risks or formal insolvency procedures to deliver value-add outcomes according to pre-approved business plans.