One cannot simplify the complex question of gender. It’s a vast and profound challenge of our time. In the process of change there are three interacting participants; instigators, resistors and the large body of passive players. Consider the absurd historic timelines of women’s right to vote around the world; from first published articles to activism, incremental change of law, to participation. Its an astonishing set of data. What does one do today to be non-passive, to have an impact? It’s a trap to merely say that one is generally open to diversity or to have documented policy that is not actually practiced. There are too many biases affecting our daily decisions. But if one believes productivity gains are derived from disrupting inhibitors to change this can be a driver for deliberate action. There is no question gender diversity outperforms. What is the next step, how does one optimize performance through gender diversity? Is there not an opportunity to recruit highly skilled under-valued professionals in our industry for aspirational roles and reward them for performance? It seems to be a “moneyball” equation. Isn’t this the undeniable future in business – productivity growth and competitiveness?

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