“We are sinking, we are sinking”, exclaimed a distressed Englishman’s voice over the radio. “Hallo, this is the German coast guard” came a reply. “What are you thinking about?” Indeed, there are many challenges for cross-border capital recovery in Europe. Complex real estate situations bring interpretation of local law and governance principles into sharp focus, information is lost in translation, local market structures and customs can be confounding even for the best managers. Asset management operations are stressed with the heavy workload generated by disruptive market cycles to preserve returns and preserve or recover capital. There is a clear cost-benefit stage for integrating specialist asset management support and taking defensive or proactive measures to steer clear of unnecessary calamity and the compounding workload that comes with chaos. A specialist workout and capital recovery firm has practiced processes in-place for working with cross-border operating partners and service providers, rebalancing alignment of interests, restoring transparency and robust decision-making procedures and implementing appropriate risk management measures for the situation at hand. These undertakings, which can be substantial, need to be done swiftly and cost effectively. But this is how such a practice wakes up in the morning, just like the coast guard.

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